” Will come times when the disease is not determined in such a way that they do today, doctors and psychologists, but about the sick man we will speak with the words of the musicians, as out of tune piano ” – (Rudolf Steiner)

 Sound therapies used prophylactically let you enjoy a long life and stay healthy and young. Prevention is better than cure …. do not wait … start from today. Add energy to your tired body, relax, remove stress and pain caused by stress. Restore inner peace and joy in your life.

Using natural sound wave Cellular Music Therapy is the newly discovered effective method to combat even the most severe disease.

Don’t you know if Cellular Music Therapy is a method for you? 

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Thorugh th Celluar Music Therapy you will be able : 

eliminate stress, achieve relaxation by relaxing the muscles and lock, get rid of anxiety, depression and other emotional problems; eliminate hyperactivity; you will aid the process of healing and self-healing; you will get rid of headaches and migraines; solve problems of the spine; rheumatism, rheumatoid; solve your problems with a heart, sleeping and much more;  aid the elimination of toxins from the body; rejuvenate – can be used in cosmetics; Pregnant women can pass in a smooth and stress-free for all phases of pregnancy and childbirth and regain strength after childbirth; improve your creative skills, creativity, ability to concentrate; in hospices (helps gently, “go to the other side”); will aid cancer treatment



The fulfillment of your dreams is also a dream come true for many children in India, co-operating and helping the Foundation ( you can support the education of children and women living in the slums.